Friday, 6 January 2017

Farming - A New Stress Buster

Stress is definitely an unavoidable part of our lives now. It is a natural response of a human mind when he feels pressure to do or feel something. Stress can affect your health, well being, relationships, work and enjoyment of life can suffer. But you don’t have to let stress rule your life. Whether you feel stressed every now and then, or all the time, you need to work out what’s bothering you and find ways to cope.
Mother nature certainly has a vantage point to evoke a stress relieving environment by cultivating a healthy hobby where we can weed out those unwanted office and personal tensions. Many nature lovers find farming and gardening therapeutic as it brings people closer to nature and also strengthens family bonding. Watch your farm grow and your stress will shrink!
Couple of days back, I was having a discussion with a friend regarding reading as a stress reliever. But then, he gave me a long list of benefits with a little or rather no downsides, of how farming is a bountiful opportunity to grow your own organic and delicious food. Farming clearly has a positive impact on stress as well as mood, and it deserves a little more attention as a stress relief option. There are several benefits to farming that can minimize stress.
Here are few reasons why farming is a fantastic stress reliever.
Getting out in sunlight can actually improve your mood. Farming exposes you to both sunlight and fresh air by allowing you to soak in Vitamin D that triggers happy response to your mind.
Grow Your Own vegetables:
What else would you need in life if you could grow vegetables in your farm that are high in Calcium, Magnesium and B Vitamins. I am not much found of cooking food, but if I see all the vegetables I cook are growing in my backyard, I am sure going to love cooking.
Get Closer to Nature:
In our busy schedule of urban life, not everyone has time to go camping into the woods or take a nature hike each day. Instead if we have our piece of nature just in our backyard, our urge to connect to nature will be fulfilled.
Love for Butterflies:
Love butterflies and hummingbirds? Then why not grow a butterfly garden? Grow a farm that are full of plants and flowers that attract butterflies. The great thing about butterfly gardens is that many of the same flowers also attract hummingbirds. It would be a mesmerizing view to see a habitat of butterflies in your backyard.
The beauty of nature is a great stress reliever in itself. You will feel more clear and calm after the time spent in your farm. It allows a space for your brain to take a break. Having your own bit of beauty available as a place for meditation, contemplation and relaxation can provide quite a bit of relief from stress. It’s all part of making your home a haven from stress.
Act of Hope:
We plant a seed and trust that it will grow into a beautiful crop. Nurturing a farm is a way of stepping outside of ourselves and it helps to put things in perspective by allowing ourselves shift the focus away from self and this can help us in times of anxiety and stress.
So what are you waiting for! Go create your own farm that can bring peace and joy to your stressful urban life. Get started. Get going. Happy Farming to You!

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