Friday, 13 January 2017

Urban vs Suburban

Growing up in a suburb, most of us would have visualized about living in a city. As a child, we always feel that city life is more fun to live and any vacation to our relative’s place who lives in a city, used to be super exciting. Back then, those might be the best days of our childhood. Well, even I wished the same and when I got married and moved to a city, I was on cloud 9.

These days, most of us have a travelling job, and we travel to different cities across the world. But are we content? That's the question I keep asking myself and every time I get the same answer. NO.  One thing we always miss is peaceful and quiet environment. It is now I realized, being brought up in a suburb was a blessing.

Some people do enjoy a city that never sleeps, but after a long day at work, wouldn’t it be nice to just leave all those noisy environment and light pollution in the city and come home to a peaceful neighborhood that’s so quiet where there is respite from the horns, sirens and city lights? Living
in a suburban community will give you the peace you would need to recharge and prepare for the next day’s challenges.
Won't it be relaxing to walk in the garden of our community with your pet or count the number of stars in the sky with our kids? But now going out to gaze at the starlit sky or to breathe in fresh air and walk along tree- lined streets with your pet would be a dream come true and an opportunity that could be rarely experienced in a city life. If you observe, most of these Urban communities, have strict rules when it comes to pet owners.In Suburban communities, we will find ample space and neighbors who also have pets and so we get more opportunities to exercise and socialize your most important family members.
Living in suburban community, definitely improves the quality of life we live. We can escape from the stress of a city life by avoiding the traffic, crowd and also we get we get bigger houses and more space compared to the money we would be paying in the city. We can have our own gardens, backyards and also can comfortably entertain our friends and family members without worrying about the space. Since suburban communities are bigger compared to the complexes in the city, there is enough place for the kids to play around or ride their own bike without worrying about the hustle bustle. The lesser the traffic, more the fresh air and closer to natural scenery. If you are planning to raise your children close to nature and trying to build a sense of community in them then suburban communities should be the best option.
Let’s live each day of our life like a vacation. Stress-free, relaxed, closure to nature and happy!

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